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Annual public report of Professor R. A. Alshanov, DEc, the Rector of Turan University

The annual public report of Rahman Alshanovich Alshanov – Professor, Doctor of Economics, the Rector of Turan University took place on June 29, 2022.


Turan University, one of the first and largest non–state universities in Kazakhstan, has been contributing to the development of the intellectual potential of the country, training professional personnel for economic, scientific and cultural activities for 30 years. The number of graduates of the university has exceeded 30 thousand.


The University is the winner of “Altyn Sapa” – the Award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and continues its development, implementing the most modern approaches in quality management, continuously improving the quality of educational services and research results.


The Rector’s public report presents the main results of the university’s work and achievements for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Representatives of the public, the media, city government agencies, the university staff, and university students attended the hearing of the report in the hall. Among them: K.K. Sarsenbai, editor-in-chief of “Ana Tili” newspaper, K.S. Matyzhanov, Director of the M.Auezov Institute of Literature and Art of the Academy of Sciences of the RK, K.K. Shalabayev, Chairman of the “Kazakh Tili” society, S.D. Kusayinov, Vice-President of the Association of Universities of the RK, E.A. Abdrakhmanov, Honored Worker of Culture of the RK, G.K. Kasymova, public figure. From partner organizations – S.H. Koshkimbayev, Chairman of the Council of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A. Akan, Executive Director of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A.E. Eralieva, Deputy Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty, Chairman of the Regional Council of Businesswomen of Almaty.


The Rector’s public report is addressed to a wide range of stakeholders: representatives of legislative and executive authorities, students and their parents, employees of the education system, media representatives, public organizations and other interested persons.


The public report of the Rector of Turan University was broadcast live on the YouTube channel and the recording is available on

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