II International marketing tournament

On February 16, 2023, the Department of Marketing and Logistics of Turan University holds the II International Marketing Tournament for students of universities, colleges “USkills-up Marketing Battle” online.


The purpose of the tournament is to identify the potential and raise the professional level of students of universities and colleges. The tournament is held for those who want to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to solve practical problems in the field of marketing, as well as to promote the profession of a marketing specialist. Expert support of the competition is provided by marketing specialists, entrepreneurs, representatives of the Kazakhstan Marketing Association and business structures.


The “USkills-up Marketing Battle” tournament includes 2 rounds:


  1. preliminary, correspondence qualifying round based on presentation evaluation;
  2. face–to-face tour – “Tournament-Battle “Marketing prospects in the era of metaverse””” (Stand Up Battle).

The evaluation of the participants’ performances is carried out according to a 100-point system according to the following criteria:


  • oratorical data (the ability to interest the audience, make them listen, the ability to convince);
  • culture of speech (diction, correctness, compliance with regulations);
  • psychological characteristics (stress resistance (degree of excitement), inner self-feeling (free, constrained), artistry (emotionality of presentation, firmness of voice, gestures).

The winners of the tournament will receive diplomas, other participants will receive certificates of participation, and all participants of the battle will receive souvenirs with the symbols of the university “Turan”.

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