Tourism as a career-oriented direction at the University “Turan”

On the next holiday weekend, the Trip with Turan company team, opened on the basis of a business incubator, conducted agitation work of the Turan College and University and took students and teachers of school №118 in Almaty on a tour along the route “Sacred Turkestan”.


The trip was attended by: the teaching staff of the school in the number of 32 people, including the governing council of the school, as well as the students of the graduating classes in the number of 140 people. With the prize money received for winning the university competition, the team in the summer was trained in the courses of tour guides and as a result successfully conducted this trip. On the route, the tour participants got acquainted with the historical sights of Turkestan, and also visited the city of Shymkent. The trip was held at a high level, despite the large number of participants, as noted by teachers and parents.


Competitions and quizzes related to the history of our city and university were held in the tour to attract future applicants. The most active participants were awarded memorable prizes in the form of branded products purchased with the company’s personal funds.


The tour was developed and organized by senior lecturers of the department “Tourism and Service” Musaev M. and Burkitbay A. and a teacher of the college “Turan” Koichubaeva D. Students of the University “Turan” Sautov K., Borsukov N., Zhanibek A., Imranziev A., Giulaev A. also took an active part in the tour.

The admissions committee
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