The best student – 2023!

On April 27, 2023, an international conference on the theme “Youth and Science: New Directions of Independence” was held at the Palace of Schoolchildren in Astana during the organization of an association of legal entities in the form of a nationwide movement “Bobek”.


As a result of this conference, 2nd year students of Turan University, majoring in Jurisprudence, Aisagaliyeva Ainazi, Bakhtybai Aidana, Amantai Asylzhan, Kakimova Aruza, Ismail Zholbarys, Ketebayeva Saya, were awarded diplomas and badges of the international competition “The Best Student of the CIS 2023”. The head of the students is Dzhumabayeva Karlygash Asilkhanovna, Doctor of PhD of the Department of Jurisprudence and International Law.


The department of “Jurisprudence and IL” congratulates the winners and their leader and wishes them only victories in the future!

The admissions committee