«Best Business Project» Competition

At Turan University, together with the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” and the Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation, the contest “The Best Business Project” was held among students of schools and colleges in Almaty.


The purpose of the competition was to promote the formation of the intellectual potential of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the development of the innovative potential of school students in the field of entrepreneurship.


  • involvement of teachers and schoolchildren in project activities;
  • development of creative activity of schoolchildren, their search and implementation activities in various fields of science;
  • the formation of key competencies in schoolchildren: communicative, informational and the ability to solve problems;
  • formation of schoolchildren’s skills to work in creative teams;
  • selection and support of the most talented and gifted young entrepreneurs.


Pupils from 16 schools and students from 4 colleges took part in the competition. The members of the jury were:


  1. Edigeeva Roza Makashevna – Senior Project Coordinator of the Council of Young Scientists at the Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation;
  2. Madiev Temirlan Khaleluly – Director of the Almaly district branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty;
  3. Orazbekuly Yerbolat – PhD, Director of the Center for Commercialization of the Results of Research and Innovation.


As a result of the public defense, the prizes were distributed as follows:


Author’s full name School/College, supervisor Project theme Place
Mirakbarov Raiymbek
Ahmet Dauren
No 178/ 11th ,10th grade Rakhatov Dastan Tuleubekovich Ақылды үй 1st place
Khudyakov Yan Comprehensive school No 57/ 6th grade
Dubinina A.V.
Relax Бокс kids 2nd place
Zhumagali Dinmukhammed
Sadvakhasov Meirzhan
Tulebay Edige
BOSHON EDUCATION/ 6th ,7th ,8th grade
Rakhatov Dastan Tuleubekovich
Bee Security 2nd place
Yerzhan A;
Ismailova Y;
Kuchina S;
«Lyceum «Turan»/ 9th , 10th grade
Noskova L.L.
«Сборник экологических задач по физике» 3rd place
Zharmagambetov Danial,
Ismailova Anel
No117/ 9th grade Andreeva Nazim Kenzhekhanovna «Пошив одежды под маркой MUYIZ» 3rd place
Bakhyt Damir Rinatovich No 209 6th grade Sharigatova Assel
Фотостудия 3rd place
Dubinin Yegor Alexsandrovich;
Karaeva Kamila Rustamovna;
Kurmangaliyev Nadir Anvarovich
Private school-college «Magistr» – Samsonova Zhanna Ivanovna «Финансовая грамотность и бизнес подростков» People’s Choice Award
Мусин Алиаскар Бакытжанулы
Исмаилов Имран Алимович,
Жолдасов Ердаулет Нурболат
No117/ 10th grade Andreeva Nazym Kenzhehanovna «Платформа для управления
бизнес – процессами»
People’s Choice Award
The admissions committee