Memorandums were signed with Chinese universities

On September 29, a meeting was held at Turan University with a delegation from Guangdong Ocean University, Ningxia Medical University and Beijing Hongzhou Training School, representing China.


The delegation included the Secretary of the Party Branch of the School of International Education of Ningxia Medical University Wu Chuan, the representative of the School of International Education of Ningxia Medical University Wang Bingqi, representatives of Guangdong Ocean University: Director of the International Office Chen Jinjun, Director of the Department of Academic Affairs Yang Jin, Director of the Alumni Office Tan Bin , Section Chief of the International Department Yang Li, as well as Deputy Secretary General of the Sino-North African Education Innovation Association Wang Rui.


During the meeting, the key topics of discussion were identifying potential areas of scientific cooperation and joint projects, exploring the possibilities of student exchange programs and faculty mobility, and creating channels for the exchange of knowledge and academic resources.


As a result of the meeting, memorandums were signed between Turan University, Guangdong Ocean University and Ningxia Medical University.


In the future, we plan to collaborate with Chinese colleagues to develop initiatives that will further strengthen academic cooperation and cultural exchange between our institutions.

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