Dinner with the rector of Turan University

On October 23, an honorary dinner “without a tie” was held, which was held with the participation of the rector of Turan University Alshanov Rahman Alshanovich together with students awarded the title of “Activist of the Year 2023”.


The evening was held in one of the best restaurants in the city with Italian cuisine “Villa Dei Fiori”, which created an atmosphere for a festive event. At the dinner, students had the opportunity to ask questions to the rector, discuss current topics and talk to him personally. Rector Alshanov Rahman Alshanovich shared interesting facts from the history of the foundation and development of the university.


In addition to discussing the history of the university, students also noted their own achievements and successes over the past academic year. It became an opportunity to share your experience and inspire others to great achievements.


This event is a tradition of Turan University. Every year the educational institution invites to dinner the most active and ambitious students who have made a significant contribution to the development of student life. This is not only a reward for their diligence, but also an opportunity to meet with the rector of the university in an informal setting.

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