Festival of languages ​​of the region of specialization (Chinese and Turkish)

The Department of “Regional Studies and International Relations” of the Turan University held a festival of languages of the region of specialization on November 21, 2023. The purpose of the festival was to familiarize students with the culture, diversity of languages of eastern countries, and also to show the uniqueness of the Turkish and Chinese languages.


As part of the festival, students of the educational program “Regional Studies” and “International Relations” demonstrated a deep knowledge of the Turkish and Chinese languages, which they learned throughout the entire period of study at Turan University.


The festival was attended by students from universities and colleges of Kazakhstan, who performed a creative show demonstrating the culture of the language being represented (Turkish or Chinese), as well as schoolchildren of Almaty interested in the educational programs of the Turan University (International Relations, Regional Studies “).

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