Turan University hosts the Annual Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) on 6-9 June 2024

The Society for Central Eurasian Studies (CESS) has announced its Annual international Conference to be held on 6-9 June 2024 at Turan University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The CESS Board supported an application of Turan University for hosting the CESS Conference in an official letter to the Rector of Turan University, Professor Alshanov Rakhman Alshanovich. The Society for Central Eurasia Studies brings together scholars and experts studying the vast region of Eurasia, including Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Inner Asia, the Volga region, Eastern and Central Europe and other adjacent territories.


This professional organization has been holding its annual conferences since 1999 at one of the universities of North America, and scholars from any part of the world attended it. Over the last decade, the CESS practiced holding simultaneously ‘regional’ conferences at one of the universities of the region. Such academic forums were organized so far in Astana (Nazarbayev University), Kazan (University of Kazan), Bishkek (American University in Central Asia), Tashkent (University of World Economy and Diplomacy).


In 2022, the Society for Central Eurasia Studies adopted a new conference format, deciding to hold its Annual conferences alternately in North America and the countries of the Eurasian region. Turan University, one of the leading universities in Almaty, was selected as venue for the first such conference. The Almaty 2024 Conference plans to hold about 70 panel sessions and host about 300 Central Eurasia scholars from all countries the world. A wide range of issues related to the history, culture and modern development of the countries and peoples of Eurasia will be discussed at the Conference. Since 2022, the President of the Central Eurasian Studies Society is Dr. Ablet K. Kamalov, Director of the Center for Regional studies and Professor of Turan University. Further information on the Conference is available on the website of the Central Eurasian Studies Society.

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