Visit of the external expert commission of the IAAR within the framework of international specialised accreditation completed

In the period from 3 to 5 April 2024, a three-day visit of the external expert commission of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) to the “Turan” University within the framework of international specialised accreditation took place.


13 educational programs participated in the accreditation procedure.


  1. 7M04106 Business Administration (MBA)
  2. 7M04107 Business Administration (EMBA)
  3. 8D04104 Business Administration (DBA)
  4. 7M06103 Information Systems
  5. 6B06103 Intelligent Robotics
  6. 6B06104 Software Engineering
  7. 6B02153 Film and TV Production (primary accreditation)
  8. 6B04203 Legal support of business (Corporate Lawyer) (primary accreditation)
  9. Innovation EP 6B11103 Innovative Management of Tourism and Hospitality (primary accreditation)
  10. 7M03108 Clinical Psychology
  11. 6B02102 Cinematography
  12. 7M02102 Cinematography
  13. 6B02103 Acting

During the visit according to the approved program, the experts met with the university administration, deans of faculties, heads of departments and heads of educational programs, heads of structural subdivisions; conducted interviews with teaching staff, students, employers and graduates of the university; conducted a survey of students and teaching staff; inspected the educational and material base of the university; visited enterprises-bases of practice.


Also during the visit the experts attended the classes of the teaching staff according to the schedule, worked with the documentation of departments and other divisions. Based on the study of the internal regulatory documents submitted by the university and the information obtained during the visit, the expert group developed a number of recommendations for further improvement of the quality of accredited educational programs. The recommendations were presented at the final meeting of the external expert commission with the university management.

The admissions committee