Film and TV producing


Academic degree: Bachelor’s degree


Elective subject at the UNT: optional subject + creative exams


Form of education: full-time


Training period:


  • 4 years after secondary education


A film producer is a trustee of a film company who exercises ideological, artistic, organizational and financial control over the production of a film. The main task of the producer is to provide the film crew with the conditions for filming the film, create conditions for the successful implementation of the creative task (super task).


Training of specialists who manage in the field of film art, television and streaming platforms, who create new intellectual property in the field of art and culture, who have professional training, theoretical knowledge and practical planning and organization skills in creating art projects and innovative projects in the industrial field of screen culture.


What does a producer have?


  • communications with the press;
  • partners in its field;
  • reputation;
  • successfully implemented projects;
  • their marketers, lawyers, accountants, designers, authors.

As already noted, already in the process of admission, strict requirements are put forward for applicants, which guarantees that each of the graduates will be able to find a job in the chosen field of activity. After receiving a diploma, specialists can successfully work in the following positions:


  • Film producer;
  • TV producer;
  • Art manager;
  • Film critic;
  • Producer;
  • Screenwriter


International programs


Thanks to the established international relations, our students have the opportunity to undergo a scientific internship abroad, attend summer schools at partner universities and undergo a professional internship. Every year, eminent masters from the world’s outstanding film schools conduct trainings for students.


  • Korea University of Media and Arts, South Korea, Sejong, Asia
  • Rustaveli State University of Theater and Cinema, Georgia, Tbilisi
  • International Academy of Film and Television, China, Hong Kong, Asia
  • New York Film Academy, New York, USA
  • A. Gerasimov All-Russian State University of Cinematography, Moscow, Russia
  • Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters, Russia, St. Petersburg
  • Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts, Russia, Krasnoyarsk
  • Music Communication Agency “Media Lab” LLC, Moscow
  • Public organization “Union of Cinematographers of Kyrgyzstan”, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Asia.
The admissions committee