Legal support of business (Corporate lawyer)


Training of highly qualified lawyers for enterprises and organizations of various sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan, competitive in the labor market, competent, responsible, fluent in their profession and oriented in related fields of activity, capable of effective work in the specialty, helping to develop business, to do so that it was within the law, effectively, profitable, ready to continuous professional growth, social and professional mobility. The program is a balanced combination of general theoretical training and practice-oriented classes. The central place is given to the study of the legal regulation of business relations for the formation of professional skills in legal consulting, claim work, development and examination of documents, interaction with state bodies and local executive authorities.


Learning outcomes:


He is capable of communication to solve problems of interpersonal and professional interaction, demonstrating mastery of the culture of written and oral speech, the ability to present his position in a reasoned manner, analyze the market and business processes, use modern management methods to achieve goals in legal activity,work in a team, has inter-industry communications and leadership skills, conflict-free communication skills, adapt to new situations and work in partial uncertainty mode, make independent, autonomous decisions,  to carry out project activities under the leadership and in a team to solve cultural and socio-economic problems,   solve socio-economic problems, improve the provision of legal assistance, find solutions in standard professional situations based on critical analysis, plan personal professional activities,  apply appropriate digital technologies, tools, basic methods, theories in solving professional problems,apply the skills of designing and organizing complex legal services,  to carry out highly qualified legal and cultural activities in accordance with the requests of consumers, work with modern databases of NPAs, interact with participants in the pre-trial and judicial process.


Academic degree: bachelor


Specialty code: 6В04204


Form of training: intramural


Duration of training:  – 4 years


Academic degree awarded – Bachelor of Law in the educational program Legal support of business (Corporate lawyer)

Our partners
  • UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty
  • Forensic Examination Center of Almaty
  • Research Institute “Institute of State and Law of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University”
  • Research Institute “Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
  • Kostanay Branch of Chelyabinsk State University
  • International Center for Education and Researchinfo (Germany, Dusseldorf)
  • Committee of the Penitentiary System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • DVD of Almaty
  • Almaty City Prosecutor’s Office
  • Police Department of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Auezovsky district of Almaty
  • Specialized Interdistrict Administrative Court. Almaty
  • Private notary Arystanbekova G.A. Almaty
  • SE “Department of State Revenue for the city of Almaty”
  • LLP “Legal Center “Orda”
  • Law firm ”Zan Alemi” LLP
  • Bado Legal Advisors LLP Law Firm
  • Law companyaTOO “DTP-LAWYER” Almaty
  • LLP “Center for Mediation and Peacemaking “Alternative”.
  • Almaty Turgyn Uy LLP
  • Department of State Revenue in Almaty
  • Notary Chamber of Almaty
  • RSU “Administrator of Courts in Almaty city of the Department for Ensuring the activity of Courts under the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Office of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan)”
  • Prosecutor’s Office of Urdzhar district of East Kazakhstan region
  • LLP “Center for Independent Expertise, Evaluation and Law”
  • Regional Chamber of Private Bailiffs of Almaty
  • Establishment of the office of a private bailiff “Bureau for the Execution of Judicial Acts” in Almaty
  • Turan University, TuranConsulting Law Clinic
  • Research Institute of Law at Turan University
International programs

Currently, Turan University has concluded international cooperation agreements with foreign universities, such as:


  1. Baltic International Academy (Riga, Latvia);
  2. Samara Law Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Russian Federation (Samara, Russia).
  3. Lomonosov Moscow State University;
  4. All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economic Development (Moscow, Russia);
  5. International Center for Education and Scientific Information (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  6. The program of the thesis of the UNN (Russia),
  7. Osh State University (Kyrgyz Republic),
  8. Zittau-Gerlitz (Germany),
  9. Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia),
  10. Eastern Mediterranean University (Famagusta, Northern Cyprus),
  11. Institute of Management and Business of J.Balasagyn KNU (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic)
  12. Yanka Kupala Grodno State University Republic of Belarus Grodno
Entrepreneurial Module
  • Legal support of business
  • Legal regulation of business events
  • Financial support for business
The admissions committee