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Software Engineering


The educational program 6В06104 – “Software Engineering” prepares highly qualified specialists for innovative industries of the country in the field of the latest information and communication technologies, with theoretical, practical and scientific knowledge, skills and abilities that meet the needs of the domestic and global markets of intellectual and engineering labor, able to quickly adapt to the constantly changing socio-economic conditions in the light of the prospects for the development of the information and communication sphere.


The program is aimed at training leading technical specialists, qualified software developers and architects, software quality managers and software development processes.


Admission conditions (Bachelor’s degree)


Form of training: full-time, full-time with the use of remote technologies


Duration of training:

  • 4 years after secondary education (full-time)
  • 3 years after secondary vocational (full-time, full-time with the use of distance technology)
  • 2 years after secondary vocational (only for graduates of the Central Asian Technical And Economic College) (full-time)

Program features:


Software engineering-the science of the principles and methodologies used in the development and maintenance of software systems. It studies the application of a systematic, orderly and specific approach to the development, operation and maintenance of software( software), the use of engineering principles in relation to the software development process.


This educational program is one of the most relevant, popular and highly paid professional fields today. Graduates of this field can work in the field of network and communication software engineering. Important components of successful career development in software engineering are understanding the functioning of different software models and systematic monitoring of innovations.


Current and exclusive courses:


Mandatory subjects


  • Information and Communication Technologies (in English)
  • Algorithmization and programming
  • Programming Basics
  • Operating system administration
  • Microprocessor technology
  • Fundamentals of higher and discrete Mathematics
  • Software development tools
  • Computer networks
  • System programming
  • Software development tools
  • Software development technologies

Disciplines of entrepreneurial modules


  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Business organization
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Marketing tools in entrepreneurship
  • Legal regulation of business activity
  • Legal support of business
  • Development of technology startups
  • Project Management
  • Development of a technology startup

Elective subjects


  • Databases
  • Database management System
  • PHP Web programming
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Programming in Java
  • Ergodesign and GUI implementation technologies
  • Information technologies in the field of 3D graphics
  • Development of distributed systems
  • Programming in Python
  • Software testing and certification
  • Theoretical foundations of testing
  • Network Routing, Scaling, and Switching (Cisco)
  • Design and maintenance of computer networks
  • 1C and system integration
  • Generative programming
  • Manage and control team software development
  • Management systems and platforms
  • Methods and means of protecting computer information
  • Information protection for billing systems
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile App design and layout Technologies
  • Expert systems
  • Data Analytics
  • Foresight of software engineering research
  • Information support of innovation processes
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