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The international conference “My little homeland – my big country”

The international conference “My little homeland – my big country” was held for students of the Volgograd students of the Institute of Management  and  «Turan» University.


Senior teacher of the department « Linguistics and intercultural communication» Olga Antimonova and professor of the Department of «Journalism and Translation Studies» Mussabekova Gulzhan moderated a joint cultural and educational project of Russian and Kazakh students.  The conference was attended by Deputy Director of the Volgograd Institute of Management  , Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Almosov Alexander Pavlovich and Dean of the Faculty of State and Municipal Administration Drozdova Oliya Alekseevna welcomed representatives of Turan Kazakhstan) (Almaty, University students and Volgograd participants of the meeting. and told about the directions of activity of the Kazakh diasporas in the Volgograd region, a representative of the Committee for Nationalities   of the Volgograd region.


The director of the international department of «Turan» University Gulmira Yerzhenisovna Kuttybaeva told about the prospects and possibilities of educational and scientific cooperation with the Volgograd ,The Institute of Management showed a presentation of video clips about Institute of Management  and Turan University.

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