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Turan Film Academy High School announces recruitment for a new educational program 6B02153 “Film and TV Production”

Turan Film Academy Higher School (Turan University) announces recruitment for applicants for a new bachelor’s degree program – “Film and TV Production”;


This is the first educational program dedicated exclusively to film and television production in Kazakhstan.


At the moment, they are being recruited for a full course (4 years) of study.


Thanks to the new training program, students of the specialization “Film and TV Production” will closely interact with students of the specialization “Film and TV Directing”, “Cinematography” and “Acting” during the performance of educational and course practical work.


In addition, the main subjects – film drama, theory and practice of editing, costume and makeup in cinema, history of fine arts and other subjects of creative directions will be held jointly for students of specializations – cinematography, directing and producing.


  • Documents are accepted until July 7, 2022;
  • Consultation – July 8, 2022;
  • First creative exam – July 11, 2022;
  • Second creative exam – July 13, 2022;

For more information, please contact the admission committee of the University of Turan (Satpayeva 16a)



  • +7 777 244 0377 ;

Azat Serikovich Khakimov – Director of the Higher School of TFA

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