Competition of tourist projects «Boundless Kazakhstan»

Competition of tourist projects «Boundless Kazakhstan»

We invite students of schools (grades 10-12), colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan to take part in the competition of tourist projects “Boundless Kazakhstan”.


The competition will be held in 2 stages:


The 1st stage takes place in absentia. The contestants must submit their applications to the Organizing Committee’s email address in accordance with the form.


The application includes a video consisting of 2 parts:


  • a video presentation of the team (team name, emblem, motto, presentation of participants, team history), duration – 2 minutes.
  • a video clip that reveals the tourist and service activities of the team on the topic “Tourist image of Kazakhstan” (duration 3 min).

All applications must be sent by November 28, 2022 to the e-mail of the senior lecturer of the Department of Tourism and Service to the e-mail address Burkitbay Asel.


Stage 2 takes place full-time at the University “Turan”. Only those who have passed the 1st round participate in it. Invitations are sent individually to the specified email addresses.


In the 2nd round, participants must submit the following: a presentation on the topic “Boundless Kazakhstan” or a virtual tour of the selected section of the route, or a presentation of a service project (the time limit is 5 minutes). It is advisable to use audio and video materials in the speech.


The aim of the competition is to attract the attention of young people to the domestic tourist market and the hospitality market of the country.


The winners and prize-winners of the competition are encouraged by providing discounts to graduates of schools and colleges when paying for the 1st year of study at Turan University:


  1. 1st top – 15%;
  2. 2nd top – 10%;
  3. 3rd top – 5%.

There are a number of requirements for videos and presentations, which are described in the Competition Regulations. Projects from previous years are not allowed to participate in the competition.


This competition is aimed at an applicant who believes in himself and strives for success, wants to get a higher education at a discount thanks to his knowledge in the field of tourism and hospitality.


The program of the contest
The admissions committee