Opening of a specialized office “Center For Criminalistic Tactics”

As part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the “Turan” University, the grand opening of the specialized office “CENTER FOR CRIMINALISTIC TACTICS” took place.


The opening ceremony was attended by the first vice-rector of the university – Kuanysh Amirkulovich Tazabekov, representatives of law enforcement and justice agencies, university employees, faculty of the department “Jurisprudence and International Law”, undergraduates and students of the Faculty of Humanities and Law.


The department of “Jurisprudence and International Law” of the university is a forge of personnel for the law enforcement sphere, and it is important to understand that without a deep knowledge of forensic science it is almost impossible to ensure an effective investigation of a crime. In order for the theoretical block of knowledge gained by students to be put into practice, it was decided to create a forensic laboratory that would accumulate reinforcement of theoretical knowledge with practical skills and abilities.


For the most detailed simulations of real life situations, several key fragments were provided in a specialized office – a living room where a crime is committed, a classroom where practical classes are held and modern forensic tools are used: photographic equipment, video and audio equipment, tools for working with various traces, training computer programs, etc.


There are two investigative and forensic suitcases in which there are means for searching, detecting and fixing traces, and material evidence at the scene, fingerprint cards, films, powders, measuring instruments, gypsum, for fixing footprints and making casts.


Highly effective classes using computer programs used in law enforcement and simulation training systems – «Murder»; «Investigator»; «Investigation»; «Virtual inspection of the scene». Forensic office, its material base is used by senior students to write a research paper.

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