Results of the academic mobility selection process in the 2024-2025 academic year

Turan University held a selection for participation in academic mobility in the 2024-2025 academic year.


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan allocated six places for grant funding to the University of Turan for studying abroad in USA and Europe.


As part of the academic mobility programs, negotiations were held with foreign partners of the university and agreements were reached on places for exchange for students of the University of Turan.


Following foreign partner universities provided free education during the semester: Lawrence technological university (USA), Rzeszow University of Technology, Pomeranian University in Slupsk (Poland), Obuda University (Hungary), Yschools (France), NamSeoul (South Korea), Liaoning University, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics (China).


The competitive selection involved 30 students applying for a state grant and studying abroad at their own expense (Zero grant).


On April 15, 2024, a meeting of the selection commission was held to shortlist candidates for studying abroad as part of academic mobility. Criteria for selecting students in accordance with paragraph 3 of the Rules for sending students to study abroad, including within the framework of academic mobility, by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 19, 2008 № 613: the average student score (GPA) is 3.0 and above; level of knowledge of English or Turkish (for Turkish universities) at the level of min. B2, submit a package of documents within the deadline.


The Commission recommended the following students for study abroad as part of academic mobility under grant funding from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan:


  1. Murat Aisara, «Journalism», 2 year
  2. Serikkhan Aigerim, «Translation Studies», 2 year
  3. Ibragimov Yelzhas, «Computer hardware and software engineering», 2 year
  4. Magzat Nurlybek, «Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications», 3 year
  5. Alimbekova Ayaulym, «Information Systems», 3 year
  6. Talaspayev Abylaikhan, «International Relations», 2 year


The following students have been recommended to study abroad at their own expense:


  1. Yakubov Diyar, «Marketing», 2 year
  2. Erubaeva Nuray, «Marketing», 2 year
  3. Salibay Aruzhan, «Marketing», 2 year
  4. Irzhanova Elina, «Marketing», 2 year
  5. Zhalgas Aiymzhan, «Translation Studies», 2 year
  6. Igassan Tomiris, «Translation Studies», 2 year
  7. Alimzhan Safiya, «Journalism», 2 year
  8. Tokabayeva Sabina, «Journalism», 3 year
  9. Sydykova Zhasmin, «Restaurant business and hospitality», 1 year
  10. Zhumanov Alkey, «Restaurant business and hospitality», 3 year
  11. Sharipova Assel, «International Relations», 1 year
  12. Ilyasova Asel, «International Relations», 1 year
  13. Marat Enlik, «International Relations», 1 year
  14. Muratbek Sabina, «International Relations», 1 year
  15. Sabyrbekova Nazym, «International Relations», 1 year
  16. Argynova Ainara, «International Relations», 1 year
  17. Bitimbayeva Dana, «Psychology», 2 year
  18. Tulegenova Balnur, «Logistic», 1 year
  19. Duisen Ulykbek, «Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications», 3 year
The admissions committee