Finance STEM



A financier is a specialist on whom the planning of opportunities for increasing the profit of an enterprise depends, as well as forecasting the results of economic activity.


Another official duty of a financier is to constantly study the market, its trends, competitors’ strategies, as well as analyze the economic and financial situation in his own company in order to maintain and increase income.


A specialist in this field performs important functions in any company: he is responsible for financial strategy, income and expenses, as well as reporting on the company’s monetary transactions.


Form of education and study period:
Full-time (after school) 4 years
After college 3 years


Specialty code: «6В04106- Finance»
 UNT elective subjects: after school: Mathematics + Geography
after college: finance and credit + organization finances
Academic degrees: Bachelor of Economics and Business


The features of the program
  • Availability of Bloomberg terminal, incorporated into the educational process.


Bloomberg Agency is one of the main provider of financial information for professional participants of financial markets.
The main product of the agency is Bloomberg Terminal, which provides access to the current and historical prices in almost all global exchanges, news of the Bloomberg Agency and other leading mass media, electronic trading platform of bonds and other securities. The system also provides access to the news, quotations, e-mail, messaging system through its own secured network.
Bloomberg Terminal is a unique product of Bloomberg, which is available to the brokers of the Wall Street, and now also available to students and employees of Turan University.


Students will have the opportunity to get additional qualification in addition to university diploma and get prepared for professional certification (CIPA/EIСРА/СFА) during the educational process.


  • Possibility to take certain courses instructed in English language.
  • Possibility to improve your English and practice it throughout the whole period of study, as well as the possibility to successfully pass TOEFL/TOEIC examinations at Turan University.
  • Interesting and dynamic practice-oriented academic program.
  • Possibility to choose the most useful, relevant, necessary and practical academic courses,  as well as entrepreneurship  courses instructed in Kazakh, English and Russian languages.
  • Opportunity to learn from the best practitioners and business leaders.
  • Opportunities to undertake internships abroad and participate in academic exchange programs.
  • Possibilities to participate in various contests, win grants from commercial banks, receive scholarships and awards from companies, as well as to go in for sports.
  • Opportunity to realize your business idea in our “Turan Entrepreneurship” school.
  • Possibility to become our best graduates!!!
Our partners
  • Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan
  • Bloomberg
  • Chamber of Professional Accountants of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Kazakhstan
  • Eurasian Institute of Certified and Public accountants
  • Association of Triple Helix
  • European Business Association of Kazakhstan (EUROBAK)


Leading technoparks and companies


  • “SKOLKOVO” (Moscow, Russia)
  • Almaty Tech Garden (PIT Alatau)
  • ID-group International Entrepreneurship Academy
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