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International law STEM

In the framework of the international profile, students receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which subsequently allow graduates of the department to successfully work in international organizations, embassies, consulates, public service, transnational corporations, non-commercial and commercial organizations that have access to foreign economic and international activities.


Form of education and study period:
Full-time (after school) 4 years
After college 3 years
Specialty code: «6В04202 – International law»
 UNT elective subjects: after school: World history + Human, society and law
after college: Fundamentals of State and Law + Civil Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Academic degrees: Bachelor of International Law


Eductional programs:


  1. Legal adviser in International Law
  2. Protection of human rights in international law

Our partners:


  • UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office
  • Forensic Expertise Center of Almaty
  • Research Institute “Institute of State and Law of KazNU named after al-Farabi”
  • Research Institute “Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan”
International programs:

As of today, Turan University signed international partnership agreements with foreign universities and academies,such as:The Baltic International Academy ( Riga, Latvia); Samara Law Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (Samara, Russia). Leading law scholars cooperate with our university, among them Grand PhD in legal sciences, professor of Lomonosov MSU Seliverstov V.I.; Grand PhDs of Moscow State Law Academy Rarog A.I., Chuchaev A.I. (Moscow, Russia); Grand PhD, professor of All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade of Ministry of economic development Shumilov V.M. (Moscow, Russia). It is also planned to introduce two-diploma education programs with leading Russian universities on bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Career prospects (professions):

An international lawyer represents a category of lawyers who can work in companies that carry out their activities with foreign counterparts in Kazakhstan or abroad. The main foreign language of international lawyers is English, but depending on the scope of the company’s activities, other foreign languages, including German, French, and Chinese, are used for work from a foreign counterparty.


The activity of an international lawyer can be described as “aerobatics” in the field of law, since only the best staff can deal with jurisprudence at the international level.


Conditions for work: for the conduct of legal activities at the international level, it is necessary to have a high-quality higher legal education, as well as knowledge of foreign languages, including those confirmed by the relevant international certificates.


For an international lawyer, a professional of his business, all career paths are open, both in the field of jurisprudence and in the management sphere related to top management in commercial and state companies.


International lawyers who have rich professional experience successfully run their own legal business in different legal areas.


It is possible to reach a career lawyer-internationalist career, but it is difficult, because career prospects are practically unlimited and only the elite can pass the way to the heights.

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