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Center for Innovative Development of the Region

For the development of research activities to study theoretical and scientific-applied problems of improving the innovative development of the region and the development of innovative and entrepreneurial activities of the university in March 2019, the Center for Innovative Development of the Region was opened at the University



To take a stable position of the university as a center of innovative and social development for the training of specialists with entrepreneurial competencies based on the transformation of scientific and educational activities.



  • Initiation and development of scientific and innovative projects in key areas of innovative development of the region
  • Implementation of research, analytical, methodological and expert-consulting services in the field of innovative development of the city
  • Formation of research and project groups from among the teaching staff, students, as well as the involvement of scientists, practitioners from among the partners of the University
  • Search for sources of funding and attraction of extrabudgetary funds for scientific and applied research, innovative projects of the Center
  • Participation and holding of scientific events with the involvement of scientists and experts in the field of sustainable development of regions at the national and international levels
  • Implementation of scientific, innovative and other results of the CIDR in the form of scientific publications and other objects of copyright

Main activities

  • Modern research on the problems of sustainable development of territories based on the development of partnerships with leading national and foreign scientific centers and associations (an agreement with the IE MES RK, Institute of Anti-Crisis Management (Russia, Moscow)
  • Development and implementation of joint pilot projects for the innovative development of Almaty with interested partners from local executive authorities, business structures of the city, region
  • Development of areas for training personnel and the content of EP in the interests of key areas of innovative development of industries in the region
  • Conducting scientific conferences, seminars, workshops that promote the image of the University as an innovative and entrepreneurial university
  • Increasing the university ranking through the publication of the results of scientific projects in international indexed publications
Scientific projects
Conducting research on sustainable development of cities and regions

Together with scientists from the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, doctoral students of the PhD program, research is being carried out to assess the sustainability of the city of Almaty, Almaty region.

  • International Conference on Sustainability and Climate Change May 22, 2020
    At the conference, a report was presented by a research group consisting of the director of CIIR Tamenova S.S., Satpayeva Z. (Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan), doctoral students of the university Turan Sarkytova A. and Nurgisaeva A. The title of the report is “Assessment of sustainable development of the region”. Link to the conference proceedings
  • Round table “Digitalization and sustainable development of the region”, University of Turan, Center for Innovative Development of the Region 17.04.2020
    The results of the study of scientists and doctoral students of the University of Turan together with the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan were discussed. Representatives of the Almaty City Digitalization Department, Almaty City Development Center JSC, Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan were invited.
  • Research of “Green economy” in the urban environment
    “Analysis of state regulation of waste management in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, International scientific and practical conference “Achievements of science in the context of sustainable development of society”, 2020″Green economy” as a factor of sustainable development of the state”, International scientific and practical conference “Innovative and entrepreneurial education in the context of improving the quality of life”, 2019 
Study of innovative and entrepreneurial competencies of the university
International projects

The main goal of the GUESSS international project is to generate unique and new ideas about student entrepreneurship in the form of academic and practical results.

The GUESSS global team – scientists from the University of St. Gallen and the University of Bern (Switzerland) are developing a high-quality online survey tool.


Turan University is the national project coordinator in Kazakhstan and has access to a global database

Cooperation CIDR
The admissions committee
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