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«BULLETIN OF «TURAN» UNIVERSITY» is a scientific journal that publishes scientific articles on a wide range of modern economic problems, problems in the field of education, tourism, ensuring sustainable development of the republic, improving the quality of education.


The editorial board, reviewers and authors of the journal strive to maintain high standards of research and publication ethics: transparency of interaction between the editors and authors of the journal, subject to peer review all submitted journal articles by independent experts or members of the editorial board, free access to publications.





  • is aimed at developing active and effective communications within the scientific and professional community, creating a platform for open exchange and free expression of opinions that contribute to improving the quality of scientific works;
  • promotes the convergence of science and practice, the search for opportunities for applying the results of scientific research in management and solving social problems;
  • strives to develop international cooperation, promote and disseminate the results of Kazakhstani authors in the international professional community.

The journal is an open access publication: all users can read, download, copy and refer to published materials for free.



  • State law and management
  • Civil law, civil procedure
  • Criminal law, criminal procedure
  • International and comparative law


The official website of the magazine:

The journal is designed for the fact that its authors and readers will be researchers, scientists and practitioners, university professors, doctoral students, graduate students and all those who are interested in the development and application of new scientific achievements of modern science.


The journal provides direct open access to its content based on the following principle: free open access to research results ensures the widest coverage of the reader and author audience and contributes to an increase in the global exchange of knowledge.





  • Psychology of personality, history of psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Clinical and special psychology
  • Applied psychology and pedagogy
  • Psychological and pedagogical research
  • Theory and methods of teaching, upbringing, education


The official website of the magazine:

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