The youth of Almaty had the opportunity to win a trip to Turkey thanks to their knowledge and skills

On November 23, 2023, the large-scale city case championship “Project Future” ended at Turan University.

Everyone wishing to take part in the case championship went through several stages of selection, including: a motivational essay, Team Two SHL tests, a test to determine the level of English proficiency, and a telephone interview.

Talented youth of Almaty solved a business case for the International Company Efes Kazakhstan. All finalists had the opportunity to demonstrate in practice the knowledge they had acquired at the university in order to compete for the main prize of the championship.

Also, the participants were included in the company’s personnel reserve for further communication on the topic of internships and vacancies.

The winners were:

1st place was taken by the “Team Two” team consisting of:

  • Aidana Zhumabekova, graduate of Almaty Management University, specialty “Restaurant and Hotel Business” and “Marketing”
  • Bekjon Makhmudov, student at the “Kazakh-German University”, specialty “Strategic management of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency”
  • Klara Tusupova, student at Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, specialty “Finance”

Team “Team Six” took 2nd place, consisting of:

  • Said Azizov, student at De Montfort University, specialty “Finance and Investments”
  • Zhamilya Nusip, student at the “Kazakh-British Technical University”, specialty “Finance”

3rd place was taken by the “Team Eight” team consisting of:

  • Kamila Zhansugirova, student at Turan University, specialty “Finance”
  • Eliza Dzhunusova, student at the Kazakh-German University, specialty “Strategic management of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency”
  • Aruzhan Mereeva, student at the Kazakh National University, specialty “Data Journalism”

The winners received valuable prizes:

  • 1st place – a trip to Turkey, Istanbul for a meeting with the general director of the Anadolu holding, an excursion to the production of the holding’s products
  • 2nd place – each team member 100,000 tenge
  • 3rd place – each team member 50,000 tenge

Turan University and the Turan-Zerde Alumni Association congratulate the winners on their well-deserved award, as well as all young people who took part in the case championship for their activity and desire to develop career skills.

The educational corporation “Turan” expresses gratitude to Efes Kazakhstan for its constant cooperation in projects that are important for our city.

The admissions committee