On the conclusion of the visit of the external expert commission of the IAAR in the framework of the International Institutional Accreditation

On April 2, 2024, the visit of the external expert commission of the Independent Accreditation and Rating Agency (IAAR) to Turan University within the framework of international institutional accreditation was completed.


According to the program, interview-meetings with representatives of graduates and employers were organized based on the results of the second day. Also, the experts visited the classes of the teaching staff according to the schedule, worked with the documentation of departments and other subdivisions, visited the university practice bases. Based on the study of internal regulatory documents submitted by the university, inspection of the material and technical base and interviews with staff, students, employers and graduates, the expert group developed a number of recommendations for further improvement of the quality of educational activities of the university. The recommendations were presented at the final meeting of the external expert commission with the university management.

The admissions committee