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Research Institute of Informatization of Education

Date of creation: January 2021

Contacts: email  –, internal phone number – 1047

Purpose of activity:

Research of scientific, methodological and actual practical problems of informatization of higher education in accordance with the University’s Quality Assurance Policy



  1. Conducting scientific research on the problems of informatization of the educational process, the introduction of digital technologies in the study of disciplines of the basic and specialized level.
  2. Development and implementation of projects on theoretical and applied research in the direction of “ICT in education and science”: on the principle of self-sufficiency; university level; on grants from the MES of RK and other organizations.
  3. Attraction of extra-budgetary funds for the development of the directions of the Institute’s activities.

Main directions of activity:

  •  joint research with other scientific organizations on the problems of informatization of education, the introduction of digital technologies;
  • participation in applied research and implementation of projects for the introduction of ICT in the educational process;
  • attracting students, undergraduates and doctoral students in scientific and innovative projects.

About the Institute's projects

The Institute is currently working on the following projects:


Development of the KINES website (interdisciplinary project – IT, marketing, journalism). During the implementation of the project, students will develop competencies in their professions. To implement this project, we are waiting for active young people from among students and undergraduates.


Digital educational publications on conducting SIW, SIWT in various disciplines (OOD – ICT, possibly other disciplines), development of methodological recommendations. The project is at the stage of preparation of the description.


Development of profession cards for the PS “Teacher” – “Organizer of the testing process”, “Organizer of the formation of the base of tasks”, “Developer of test tasks”, “Testologist” – a joint project with the National Testing Center, NGO “Assessment of the quality of education in Kazakhstan”. In March-April 2022, the stage of questioning specialists from universities and testing centers is taking place.


Projects proposed for implementation within the framework of the University Strategy 2020-2024.


The Institute is a co-executor of the following projects:


Goal 2

task 1: Creation of an information system for familiarizing teaching staff with new teaching methods and their implementation in the educational process. Project “Depository “Innovative teaching methods and learning technologies”


task 2: Implementation of the transition to the digital format of educational and methodological complexes, all educational publications. Project “Author of a digital educational publication”


task 4: Development of an internal system for assessing the quality of learning outcomes. Formation of the Fund of tasks for the assessment.

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