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A marketer is a popular and highly paid profession. Nowadays, with an abundance of a wide variety of goods and services, the success of almost any enterprise depends on the talent of a marketer.


A marketer evaluates whether a particular product will be in demand and why, suggests ways to promote the product, evaluates the actions of competitors, organizes the work of a research team, monitors the industry and analyzes the results, finds out the preferences of buyers, gives recommendations to the manufacturer and seller.


Form of education and study period:
Full-time (after school) 4 years
After college 3 years


Specialty code: «6В04104- Marketing»

UNT elective subjects:

after school: Mathematics + Geography
after college: fundamentals of economics + marketing
Academic degrees: Bachelor of Economics and Business
Sphere and objects of professional activity

Bachelor of Economics and Business of “Marketing” specialty can carry out analytical, research, organizational, administrative, and educational (pedagogical) activities in the following areas: the study of industry and regional markets, the marketing environment of economic entities of various forms of ownership; improvement of the marketing system of the enterprise; development of the marketing strategy of the enterprise. The scope of marketing is quite wide. Objects of professional activity of graduates are state institutions, service enterprises, various organizations of the economic sphere, production and intermediary enterprises, international chambers of commerce, trading houses, transport and communications, design and research institutes, public organizations, research and production, educational institutions.

Types of professional activity

A Bachelor of Marketing specialty can perform the following types of professional activities:


  • Organizational and managerial activity implies the creation of an effective marketing management system for any business entity based on the application of principles and technologies, the scientific, methodological and organizational and technological base of marketing management;
  • Production and technological activities are carried out in the form of joint work of the bachelor of marketing with specialists of the departments of human resources management, supply, production and finance for the effective implementation of logistics, production, innovation and marketing activities in order to ensure the competitive advantages of the enterprise in the market;
  • Service-operational activity of the bachelor of marketing involves the development of the service policy of the economic entity in the provision of basic and additional services, promotion and quality assurance services; calculation of distribution costs and service efficiency;
  • Settlement and project activities include the selection of the organizational structure of the marketing department, the development of the marketing budget and business plan, the implementation of calculations for optimizing the product range, distribution system, goods circulation and promotion; The evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing activities, the development of economically feasible solutions for the management of the value-added activities of the business entity;
  • Experimental-research activity of bachelors includes the development of innovation policy through the organization and conduct of research and development and marketing research;
  • Educational (pedagogical) activity in this specialty is connected with the functions of teaching disciplines on marketing in general and secondary specialized educational institutions, as well as on courses for improving the qualification and retraining of personnel.
Functions of professional activity
  • Development of measures to improve the organization of the units, including planning, forecasting, management of costs and logistics, sales;
  • Implementation of market research and market segmentation;
  • Participation in development of strategy and tactics of service, marketing budget and business plan of the enterprise;
  • Organization, planning and coordination of enterprise management activities and formation of the company’s market strategy;
  • Marketing analysis and control;
  • Management and control of the enterprise as a whole.
Directions of professional activity
  • Planning of marketing activities;
  • Organization and conduct of marketing research;
  • Evaluation of the company’s marketing capabilities (SWOT analysis, GAP analysis, STEP analysis);
  • Development of corporate strategy;
  • Development of functional strategies;
  • Development and improvement of commodity and price policy;
  • The organization of the system of marketing and commodity circulation in the market;
  • Application of marketing communications for promotion of goods and services in the market;
  • Implementation of marketing strategies that provide competitive advantages in the market;
  • Carrying out of audit, auditing and control of marketing activity.
Core competencies

In accordance with the high requirements for the competence of modern specialists, a graduate of “Marketing” specialty should have the following core competencies:


Universal (general) competencies:


  • General scientific
  • Instrumental
  • Social and personal
  • General cultural


Subject-specific (professional) competencies:


  • General professional
  • Profile and special
Advantages of “Marketing” educational program:
  • Usage of interactive teaching methods (interactive lectures, case studies, role-playing and business games, presentations, business projects);
  • Practical-oriented training (master classes, guest and binary lectures with the invitation of practitioners, retreats in commercial structures);
  • Application of computer technologies (online testing on the site, online classes based on Adobe connect software, solution of applied optimization tasks and conducting business games in the Exel program, marketing analysis using the Marketing Expert program, computer testing using the Econom and U-3 testing programs);
  • In-depth studying of the English language with the collecting of a corresponding certificate;
  • Completing a graduate and pre-diploma internship in leading companies;
  • Settlement of the curriculum of “Marketing” specialty with educational programs of foreign universities for the implementation of two-diploma education programs;
  • High percentage of the specialty graduates employment.
Career prospects (professions)

Marketer is one of the most promising and creative professions. Graduates get many opportunities, because, they are opened not only to simple highly specialized positions but also to the top management level. In fact, a marketer can become an assistant of the Executive manager of a firm at a strategic level. As a rule, the head of marketing in the company is a commercial director or vice-president of marketing. Marketers always have something to strive for and where to grow. This allows you to improve yourself constantly, self-educate, improve your professional level, even staying at the very top of success. The work of the marketer is very interesting, creative, promising and highly paid.


One of the main advantage of this profession is a wide range of its applications, as well as the ability to use all new tools and technologies. Having such a huge amount of knowledge, skills and abilities, graduates of the specialty can easily find themselves in various fields of activity.


If we talk about the career prospects of marketers, then there are several ways. Marketing is in demand in any company interested in analyzing competitors and markets. Such specialists were initially aimed at marketing support for managerial decisions, and the logical continuation of their career is to grow to top positions, the intermediate positions on the way to which may be the positions of the director for development, strategic planning and so on. You can develop in branding, and engage in both the promotion of trade marks, for example, in the FMCG industry, and directly in branding or rebranding companies.

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